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Dear Toy Enthusiasts & Kids of All Ages:

Congratulations! You and a small band of rebels are about to make history.

For far too long, kids and collectors alike have anxiously awaited for the day to see the return of interactive playsets for their action figure heroes. The 1980’s, (known as the “Golden Age” of toys), was the pinnacle decade for castles, space stations, or command centers. The prolific variety of adventure playsets were abound for kids to collect. But as the years that followed, toy shelves began to lay vacant as companies declined to produce them. Sadly, the demand for these toys continued to rise while generations lost out on the experience and fun, until now…

Introducing, “RetroWorlds” by ReKennect. RetroWorlds is an exciting new line of interactive playsets and battle-packs. Honoring the iconic toy designs of the 80’s, with our signature “MagKennect” System, RetroWorlds is returning the joy and excitement of playtime to kids of every generation. Easy to assemble and compatible for all 3.75” action figure, RetroWorlds puts the power and creativity into your hands. With each playset or battle-pack you collect, it expands your missions, adventures, and universe for that favorite superhero, wizard, or space cowboy in your toy bin.

In furthering our mission to offer these exciting toys to everyone, we have selected you to provide us your honest feedback of our products. Upon returning these prototypes to us, we kindly ask for you to complete this questionnaire. We value your input in helping make ReKennect a long-lasting success.

We are ReKennect. Now, light speed back to playtime!


Richard J. Reinhardt, II
Founder/ CEO

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